SCCA Classes

Any automobile defined in the SCCA Solo Rules may be used at our events. If you need help classing your car, you can find lots of helpful information in our Novice Guide.

Additional Classes

  • Novice (N):  a perfect place for drivers new to the sport of autocross. Drivers may run Novice for their first year. Class is scored on the PAX* Index
  • Pro (P):  You’ll find the fastest local, regional, and (sometimes) national level drivers competing in this PAX* class.

*PAX classes allow cars from different classes to compete together using a handicapping system. They are scored based on a theoretical time obtained by multiplying a driver’s actual time by their car’s PAX index. This way a Civic can (theoretically) compete with a Corvette.

Driver’s choosing to run a PAX class must also properly determine their base class. For example, someone wanting to compete in the Novice class with a BS car would need to register “Novice” as their PAX class and “BS” as their base class. On the sides of their car they should display “NBS##”.