Fall Fling Rally Results

The second and final rally of the year took place Sunday, December 10. The rally was essentially the same as the Spring Fling, with the exception of a different final leg. The roads used were in Henderson and Transylvania counties, and there were nine cars entered. Six of the teams had never been on a TSD rally before. The results are:

Place Car No. Driver & Navigator Car Total Penalty Lowest Leg Score(s)
1 8 David Darnell BMW M3 217 5,5,6
    Art Truckenbrodt      
2 2 Vicki Eckerich BMW M3 360 14
    Steve Eckerich      
3 7 Jerry Hagan Subaru Impreza 367 9
    Carey Crowley      
4 5 Denny Buckner VW GTI 573 10
    Chris Tryon      
5 4 Dale Teague Subaru SVX 602 18
    David Bertram      
6 3 Nicholas Seymour Mazda Miata 656 50
    Pamela Seymour      
7 6 Shannon Kelley Honda Civic 664 2
    Dave Lippard      
8 1 George Zhouf Subaru Impreza 707 49
    Amy Zhouf      
9 9 Shane Stepp Honda Prelude 905 22
    Vicky Morgan      

Control workers were Edward Maglott, Johanna Finklestein, Bill Prichard, Lance Russell, and rallymasters Jim and Claire Graves. The rally ended with dinner and the awards ceremony at the Mills River Restaurant.

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